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Pilot Phase: Our first bench was created with The Greenspire School. Our goal was to test the process, materials, and approach to collaborating among many partners. Students created this webpage and spoke to community members about their involvement.

Webpage by: The Greenspire school students, Zander Lensch, Claire Johnston, and Max McGinty

What is the Greenspire School?

The Greenspire School is a charter partnership with TCAPS public schools. It is a unique and hands-on school that focuses on project-based learning and the values of nature in everyday life. The students strive to help the community and promote a new style of learning based off of the Montessori philosophy. With the addition of more than twenty new students, we are able to make a bigger difference in not only the communtiy, but the enviroment as well.

Student Involvement with Benchmark

Students of the Greenspire school have been involved with the Benchmark project for over six months. ¬†Glenn Wolff, a well known artist and partner with Jerry Dennis, a local, published author, worked with us to create a bench for the community. Together, the students and Glenn painted strips of paper with anything that related to the Great Lakes and their surrounding areas. Glen took all the paintings, and glued them onto the bench to create a collage of the Great Lakes and it’s surrounding dunes. It was temporarily displayed in front of the City Opera House for the comminity to enjoy.

During the Benchmark Pilot Phase, students and artist Glenn Wolff decided to create a second bench that would better weather the northern Michigan winters. The pilot bench slats were turned into a two sided, framed piece of artwork and auctioned to fund the pilot phase. It resides in Traverse City at The Greenspire School.

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