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Stand A Part Arts is a creative force for inclusive arts education and innovative community involvement.


  • All community members have access to high quality arts education – regardless of the barriers of socio-economic status, ability/disability, or geographic location.
  • Art is a vehicle for community involvement/engagement and extends beyond traditional arts boundaries.
  • Collaborative public art projects revitalize streets, neighborhoods and communities.
  • Experts and novices work side-by-side, bringing shared experiences that inspire a creative exchange of ideas across art disciplines and solutions to real-world problems.

Core Values

Education: Arts education is crucial for the development of all children and essential for lifelong learning. Human to human interaction is vital for arts education, extending far beyond skill development.  

Draw Support

Community: The arts foster community engagement, critical thinking, and creative problem solving that addresses community concerns.

Inclusion: We embrace the diversity of artists and understand all members have a voice and creative contributions to share.

Collaboration: partnerships with art and non-art organizations is essential and leads to deeper understanding, acceptance of alternate viewpoints, and exchange of ideas.

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